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TeamImgBBallLooking to breath new life into your workouts, get stronger, fitter faster, be podium ready? Then yoga is for you and your team.

The right balance of strength and mobility is key to improving athletic performance. Concerned you are not flexible enough to do yoga? That is like saying “ I am not strong enough to lift weights”.

Is your current program taking a toll on your body, achy joints, sore and tight muscles? Yoga poses are powerful and specifically designed to open the body. You will feel light, more flexible and stronger than ever – without wrecking your body.

As a former Olympic sprinter I can honestly say that some yoga classes are more challenging than anything I have ever done. Learn new poses and notice that real progress can be totally addicting.

Do you dread going to the gym or getting on that exercise bike, bored and unmotivated? Watching the clock and can’t wait to hit the shower?

Yoga connects physical movement with mental focus so you are truly in the moment, that complete focus puts the mind at ease. Afterward you will feel refreshed and grounded, not exhausted and depleted.

“Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them – a desire, a dream, a vision”

– Mohammed Ali

Team Yoga Classes

  • 75 minute yoga class custom designed for your sport
  • Physical postures developing muscular strength and flexibility, improved joint mobility and stability.
  • Improve balance and core stability
  • Breath work to maximize lung capacity and channel Oxygen into blood flow, releasing Carbon Dioxide and Monoxide,
  • preventing injury and enhancing performance.
  • Relaxation postures and techniques to help you manage and release stress, pre and post competition.
  • Improved sleep and reduced recovery time.
  • A positive, fun, supportive environment promoting compassion and optimal team relationships

Ready to get started?

Please contact me for a custom quote for your team. Not sure if this a good fit for your team? Call me for a free, no obligation 15 minute phone consultation.

Ready to rock your yoga and climb that podium!

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