Yoga Therapy

THYimg1(3)Yoga therapy can help you release tension and stress from your body, decrease pain so that you can move better, feel better.

Yoga therapy is a powerful tool that helps improve how your body releases tension and stress.

Yoga therapy is for you if one or any of these sounds familiar:

  • You have constant tension in your neck, shoulders and back
  • You want to reduce stiffness and soreness
  • You want to feel more at ease and comfortable in your body
  • You want to reduce pain
  • You want to sleep better

These sessions will help you:

  • Release strain, and tension from your body
  • Improve balance
  • Improve mobility, flexibility and stability
  • Improve how you sit, walk, run or any activities that you love
  • Improve your breathing so the body is healthier, more balanced and able to unwind for better sleep
  • Get back to doing what you love to do and feel great doing it

Ready to get started and experience less stress, strain, more ease, less or no pain?
One-hour session $85.00
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  • Private 60 min session – $85.00

Introductory package for new students

Four private classes for $300.00

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