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“For the last 5 years I have been battling various injuries (glute, shoulder, knee, back) that have not been severely debilitating but have been progressing due to compensation, an active lifestyle etc. I started taking yoga therapy and Pilates classes with Stephanie in September and have greatly improved! Stephanie has taught me body awareness/alignment to help me get to movement without tension which helps not only my activities but helps me sleep better at night! For anyone suffering from recurring, different or chronic injuries or for those who want to be proactive, I highly recommend hiring or attending one of Stephanie’s classes. I have never met an instructor who is so committed and dedicated and has the knowledge and communication skills to make sure each student’s needs are me.”

– Nancy Henderson

“I have been attending Stephanie’s yoga classes twice a week for the past two years and am constantly amazed at how much stronger,fitter and more focused I am. Activities such as biking, gardening and long walks are more enjoyable and I have plenty of strength and flexibility to keep up with my family.

Stephanie combines a deep understanding of yoga practice with a sound knowledge of human anatomy. Her classes are varied and broad in their scope – addressing strength, flexibility and balance – while maintaining a thoughtful and meditative practice. She is aware of the challenges of each participant and is able to modify the practice according to their needs.”

– Dr. Linda Waverly


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