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Member of Canada’s International Track and Field Team
Member of B.C Sports Hall of Fame

Stephanie Berto is the founding member of Vancouver Breathe Yoga, a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher and a certified Pilates teacher.

One of the highest points of my life was when I stood on the podium hearing the Canadian anthem and receiving my gold medal in track and field. I was excitedly looking forward to many more years of continued success and athletic achievements. Little did I know that my athletic career would be derailed due to athletic injuries!

You are a recreational, amateur or professional athlete who is looking to breath new life into your workouts, feeling a bit stale and noticing the body is not performing the way you want it to? Even though you are committed, work hard at the gym, rink, field or on your bike, you are not satisfied with the results and at times feel stale and unmotivated. After months of training or after the season ends you can feel burnt out, mentally and physically.

Before you hang up your skates or put your bike away for good, why not try something that will enhance your performance AND prolong your career? Learn how yoga can benefit you. Through my experience as an athlete, my successes and failures I have developed a program of strengthening, stretching and relaxation that will enhance your performance and prolong your career. Already have a full schedule? No problem, even one, one-hour session per week can make a huge difference in how you feel in your body. Become stronger, fitter, faster, improve balance. Become more mentally resilient and focused by incorporating yoga into your workouts. Recover faster, sleep better, so that you can get out there each day and keep that competitive edge alive. If you are injured I can show you therapeutic exercises that will help you heal faster and prevent a chronic pattern.

Learn how moving better at your hips and shoulder joints can greatly improve posture, balance and mobility. If you throw a football, handle a stick or swing a golf club moving better at your joints can get you to the next level.

As an athlete we are constantly pushing, testing and striving. I know first hand how painful it was to be forced out of my athletic career that was my life, my passion and my life purpose.

Let me share with you the powerful tool of yoga and how it can improve your athletic performance and keep you running, jumping and throwing longer, faster and higher.

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